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December 01, 2006



i'm going to print out that part about sarasvati and writing. i too have a special place for her. she is, after all, the goddess of art and learning. but i cannot tell you how much these words mean to me right now. and so i'm sending you hug to warm your heart and to say thank you.

enjoy that beautiful snow. i wish i was there.


I've been reading your writing for a few weeks now. I love it! I'd love to learn more about Sarasvati. I think I could use Her guidance in my own work. I've just started a blog and still haven't really exposed it to those I know. I'm still savoring the luxury of anonymity. But your last post is encouraging. Writing is sharing, walking out on that limb, giving up inhibitions. Thank you.


Hugs to you Sara. You are in my heart always and I think of you and wish I could be of more help. Thank you for your kind words about our loss. We laugh with Moxie all day and he makes us happy in sad times. May you find your way to happiness of the self.

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