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September 30, 2006



this morning i took anu for a walk in the woods. i like to call these woods "sherwood forest" because that is what it feels like in there. at one point i looked up and in front of me was the twisting, knarling lines of oak tree brances. it was so beautiful that i found my eyes growing wet....and i thought to myself: god, i'm weird. i nearly cry just looking at a tree!...but the thing is that it was beautiful and there was something ancient and wise about it and i felt blessed to experience such a thing in the middle of a big city.

anyway, the whole point of telling you this is to say that i understand something about what you've written about today. nature is a powerful thing and is, i believe, much more alive and spirited than many even realize.

and btw, i enjoyed reading your sunday scribbling! i must admit that i only participate when i feel moved by the prompt. but the best thing about it is the incredible tribe of women that i've "met" in the process.

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