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November 10, 2006



"I want to plough ahead, making decisions and coming upon obstacles, but I also want the ability to look at the map, see the bigger picture, be my own navi-guesser. If I can't do both, I can't be fully me. I can't see where I'm headed, nor where I've been. I can't see the road at all."

Thank you for giving me a different perspective on being the passenger. Wonderful post!

Rejoice in finding your true self!


I love the image of candle light and how it accompanies you through so many of your inner journeys.

And the comment you left on my blog about the snow and interesting weather...oh--I wish I was there!!! You know I love such things and so I'm glad you told me...in this way we are kindred spirits of snow. ;) It sounds beautiful...and your word-images are too.

And I'm glad that you're doing Sunday Scribblings. You've given me some inspiration not to flake out on it this week!

my backyard

Yikes, that description of Washington was very striking.


I also think the Natural History of the Senses is one of the best books I've read. Thanks for sharing some interesting insight.


This is the first scribble I have read this week, and it will be hard to find another one that was so well done. Your imagery was striking to me. Nice work, here.


Paris Parfait

Some nice images in your piece, particularly the one of candlelight and its role in your life. Yes, stay true to yourself and make your own decisions. Wishing you much luck in navigating your course and finding the direction that pleases you most!


What a great post! How fitting that you snagged the first spot on the list for this particular prompt. Wonderful insight. :)

R's Musings

I thoroughly enjoyed your take on being/not being a passenger in life. Cheers to you for having the courage to choose yourself. I love the last line: "I remember that I am not alone. Because, if there is no one, there is always me." This is true! Beautiful words. Thanks for sharing!


a friend just sent me the Scribbles link. love your words. keep writing.


I'm going through a similar journey of finding myself after a relationship right outta college (graduated 11 months ago). I really liked the atmospherics. I liked the idea of being both driver and passenger, as well. Self-discovery can be the hardest and most rewarding journey of all, so good luck on yours.


I love your journey. You write so well about your experiences, and I love your attitude!

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